A22-20 Product Model:

Product Description


  • Handles all conventional tyres on the market quickly and easily. If combined with the optional pneumatic bead assist device and the PAX adaptor, the      machine can also handle run-flat tyres and PAX/CSR systems.
  • The machine is equipped with a double-acting bead breaking cylinder and an oversize bead breaker blade.
  • Alloy rims are handled particularly gently as the mounting head and the    clamping jaws are provided with plastic protectors.
  • The one-part mounting head can be adjusted vertically and horizontally in spaced-apart position relative to the rim.
  • The pneumatic tilt-back post and the four ergonomic pedals add much to     user-friendly operation.
  • Accurate and quick operation is guaranteed by the self-centring four-jaw chuck controlled by two clamping cylinders and the pneumatically locked post.