C29/2 Product Model:

Product Description



  • Microprocessor-based manual spin     balancing machine (without motor)
  • C29 can balance steel and light alloy wheels of cars, light commercial  vehicles, motorcycles and scooters with the same high accuracy like the models with motor.
  • Pedal brake easing wheel locking and unlocking.
  • Self-diagnosis and self-calibration.
Menu program for the quick selection of the following options: reading in grams or ounces, measure in millimetres or inches, unbalance visualisation in steps of 5g or 1g.

Optimisation program for the compensation of rim unbalance with tyre

“Static” programme plus 4 ALU programs for the light alloy or special shaped rims. Twin operator program.
The limited dimensions, weight and the triple power supply (mains or 12V or 24V d.c. battery) ease its transport and make C29 the most suitable model, to use on the mobile, to use on the mobile units for tyre assistance.