C72/2 Product Model:

Product Description
  • Gauge for automatic measurement of distance and diameter, and as an aid for the application of adhesive weights.
  • Fully automatic cycle: START closing guard, measurement and braking. Automatic stop in the correction zone.
  • Pedal-operated brake for wheel locking.
  • Cone & adaptor holders.
  • Menu button for selection of various options and personalisation's (grams/ounces: inches/millimetres; unbalance in steps of 5 grams or 1 gram; threshold, optimisation; automatic start; self-diagnosis and self-calibration).
  • Self diagnostics and self-calibration, for a   simple maintenance.
  • Balancing mode: on two planes ALU-S (for correction inside the rim) Static (for motorcycle wheels). ALU for correction with the various application positions of different types of counterweights, clearly indicated on the display. OPTIMISATION Program to reduce total unbalance and improve wheel  eccentricity, comfort and silent operation.Electrical power section easily accessed for maintenance. Automatically measure wheel width using the optional LA sonar (CEMB patent), without losing mechanical probes.