Cross Ply OTR Repairs

Cross Ply OTR Repairs Product Model:

Product Description
  • The original Pang OTR (Off-the-Road) repair units are being used in construction and mining operations throughout the world.
  • They restore damaged OTR tyres to their original strength. 
  • Invest in the confidence of having a superior tyre repair, be sure, be safe, insist on only Pang OTR repair technology.
  • All injuries must be filled.
  • Designed for the life of the tyre

Part number: 116000      180mm
     Ply Rating 4        Unit: 10
Part number: 116001      240mm
     Ply Rating 8        Unit: 10
Part number: 116002      280mm
     Ply Rating 8        Unit: 5
Part number: 116003      290mm
     Ply Rating 12       Unit: 5
Part number: 116004      405mm
     Ply Rating 12        Unit: 3
Part number: 116005      455mm
     Ply Rating 14        Unit: 1
Part number: 116006      490mm
     Ply Rating 16         Unit: 1
Part number: 116007       520mm
     Ply Rating 20         Unit: 1
Part number: 116008      570mm
     Ply Rating 20        Unit: 1

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