Maxiseals Product Model:

Product Description
  • Easiest and most popular method to fill a nailhole and apply in one simple step.
  • The lead wire guides the rubber stem through the injury.
  • A one piece moulded rubber plug/patch unit for nailhole repairs in the tread area of radial and cross ply passenger and truck tyres.
  • The stem is coated with self vulcanising material and the patch features versacure bonding gum.
  • Use with a reaming tool and Supersolution fast dry cement.

Part number: 115440      M3SH 3mm injury       Unit: 60
Part number: 115450      M3 3mm injury             Unit: 48
Part number: 115400      M6 6mm injury             Unit: 24
Part number: 115420      M8 8mm injury             Unit: 24
Part number: 115430      M10 10mm injury        Unit: 10