MH320 Help Device

MH320 Help Device Product Model:

Product Description


  • The practical pneumatic bead assist device is an indispensable accessory for mounting and demounting tyres which are difficult to handle, such as low profile tyre systems. It is an optimum complement to the tyre changer.
  • The pneumatic bead assist device is extremely rugged and specially suited for hard tyres owing to its strong cylinder.
  • Bead breaking with the optional bead breaker disc is done dynamically during rotation of the turntable, thus preserving rim and tyre.
  • The tyre bead is pressed into the drop centre of the rim by means of a roller so that the mounting head can be positioned on the rim both easily and gently.
  • During the demounting operation the bead depressor presses the upper bead into the drop centre of the rim so that it can be easily levered over the mounting head nose and finally demounted without any effort.
  • During the mounting operation of the upper bead the roller retains the bead under the mounting head nose. The practical bead processor follows rotation of the wheel, doing the otherwise tedious job of the operator, while preserving both tyre and rim.
  • The pneumatic bead assist device is an optional extra for tyre changers A22-20, Super LX 24".