Universal Multi Patches

Universal Multi Patches Product Model:

Product Description
  • Chemical cure heavy duty, all rubber, non reinforced, nailhole patch for injuries up to 6mm in radial and cross ply tyres.
  • Injury must be filled.
  • Use with Supersolution fast dry cement.

Part number: 114410    SMT1     57mm  
      square   Units: 50
Part number: 114420    SMT2     65mm  
      square   Units: 40
Part number: 114405    RMT0     32mm  
      round     Units: 100
Part number: 114430    RMT1     55mm  
      round     Units: 50
Part number: 114440    RMT2     75mm  
      round     Units: 40
Part number: 114470    RMT11   35mm  
      round     Units: 100
Part number: 114480    RMT12   45mm  
      round     Units: 60